Lucknow, Delhi, Kolkata among 6 cities to host Legends League cricket

Lucknow, Delhi, Kolkata among 6 cities to host Legends League cricket

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The organizers of Legends League Cricket confirmed on Tuesday that the second edition of the tournament will be played in six Indian cities, with matches being hosted in Kolkata, Lucknow, Delhi, Jodhpur, Cuttack and Rajkot. The planned dates for the tournament are from September 17 to October 8, 2022. The first season of the league was played in Muscat in January this year between three teams – India Maharajas, World Giants and Asia Lions and consisted of seven games. The format in Season 2 will feature four franchise-owned teams. The second season of the league will have 15 matches and will be played in these six cities.

More than 60 players from around the world have confirmed their participation. The total pool for the draft event of the season will be 100+ players.

Raman Raheja, Co-Founder and CEO, Legends League Cricket, said in an official release, “We will soon announce the full format of the games along with the full schedule of matches and team selection criteria. We are in the final stages of discussions. Major cricket The promoters and leading business houses, who own the franchise, are going to join hands with Legends League Cricket. Announcements will be made soon. We are all set to provide our fans with an immersive experience and engaging entertainment.”


Ravi ShastriCommissioner, Legends League Cricket said: “With so many positive developments happening around Season 2 of the league, replaying cricket’s great international players has given us an unmatched feeling. Confirmation from Sourav Ganguly to play a special match on the occasion The 75th year of Indian Independence has created more excitement among the fans.”

before, Sourav GangulyThe former India captain and the current chairman of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will play a special cricket match in the Legends League cricket. Ganguly made the announcement on Instagram, confirming that he will indeed play a special match in Season 2 of Legends League Cricket.

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