IPL 2022: Jaiswal reveals his special appeal for Butler

IPL 2022: Jaiswal reveals his special appeal for Butler
Image Source: PTI

Jaiswal of Rajasthan Royals against Punjab Kings

Yashasvi Jaiswal of Rajasthan Royals has revealed that he requested his fellow opener. joss butlerFor allowing him to take the first ball in his match against Punjab Kings.

The left-handed opener smashed a 41-ball 68 and contributed to Rajasthan’s chase of 190.

“I wanted to do it because I was thinking of doing it, which I enjoy. I asked Jose bhai, can you please allow me to play the first ball. He said yes, go and enjoy Take it. Now, just thinking. Go and express what is in my control. Just focus on what I can do and enjoy myself (against Delhi Capitals),” Jaiswal said in a pre-match chat. said.

Talking about his routine, Jaiswal explained, “I am feeling good and looking forward to the game. I am very happy to be here. On the sidelines, I was following my normal routine. I am doing well. Was meditating from , working on my game, and learning skills and superiors, talking to them how can I do when I get a chance. Of course, Zubin sir helped and talked to them a lot that How can I be in better shape. I was trying to get better and be ready when the opportunity comes.”

He is feeling blessed to have played under the coaching of Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka. Speaking about his experience, he said, “We chatted during practice, as if about plans. The communication has been great and he gives a variety of useful advice. I am really happy to have learned from the legend And I’m glad to be under him.”

Named as the player of the tournament in the 2020 Men’s U19 World Cup, Jaiswal has scored 112 runs in five matches at an average of 22.40 this season.