Falling in love with you again Part 1 Rishab Kiara FS(Naagin6)

Falling in love with you again Part 1 Rishab Kiara FS(Naagin6)

Falling in love with you again Part 1

 I dedicate this to my friend Revu who wants me to write a story on the movie Varadu Kaavalenu.I have not watched the movie.Thank you Revu for sharing it’s plot with me.

An office…

The office staffs were chatting.

Their boss Kiara Mehra entered.They all became silent.

Kiara stared at them.

Kiara:Don’t forget that you all are coming to this office to work,not to talk.So don’t waste time by talking.

They all nodded their head in fear.

What to do arey o paramesha
Roller coaster raid aayene
Bossu chethilo bommala laga
Life mottham mataayene

Ayyababoy em cheppanu brotheru
Serial la sodhi guru
Andhala rakasiki pogaru
Top to bottom full guru
Areyre kathalo kalalo asalu sisalu

Kiara was reading the presentation prepared by her PA.

Kiara got angry and shouted at her:Are you not ashamed to make spelling mistakes?I saw one spelling mistake.

PA:Sorry Ma’am.But it’s only small mistake.

Kiara:Did I give you the permission to make small mistakes?

The PA nodded in ‘no’.

Kiara:I want perfection.So I don’t want any single mistake here.Did you get it?

PA:Yes Ma’am.

Kiara:Then get lost.

Kiara threw the file.

Pillanu thanule telusuko
Ayyayyo okato rendo
Kaadhu kaadhe roju godave life lo

Oh god-u dont be so hardu
Life is so badu
Why she so badu what to do

Oh god-u dont be so hardu
Life is so badu
Why she so badu what to do Anthu pattaru ee pillento

Her office staffs requested her to allow them to conduct a small birthday party for their colleague.

Kiara lost her cool.

Kiara:I told you all many times that this place is work,not to party.I hate such celebrations.Now leave.

The staffs were disappointed.

They murmured:Kadoos!How her family is tolerating her?

Evariki ye puta
Anthu chikkani prashnai champesthunte
O thanta
Andhala bommale ra
Anthaku minchi thikkalera
Rakasi thanu ra
Fire-u brand ra undidhi thanu raa

Areyre kathalo kalalo asalu sisalu
Pillanu thanule telusuko
Ayyayyo okato rendo
Kaadhu kaadhe roju godave life lo(Varadu Kaavalenu).

Kiara reached home.Her parents Abhishek and Pragya smiled.

Pragya:Mumma…I had dinner.No need of food.

Abhi:Guess our daughter is really tired.

Kiara:Ya dad…I had too much of work to do.

Pragya:Always work…work and work.You need to spare time for yourself also Kiara.

Kiara:I am working for myself Mumma.That’s enough.

Pragya:You are the right age to get married.If you get married,you will feel like sparing time for yourself.

Kiara:Oh please mumma..don’t talk about marriage.I am not a marriage material.We need to adjust a lot in marriage which I can’t.

Abhi:Don’t force her Pragya.When she feels like getting married,she will.I feel sleepy.I am going to sleep.

Abhi went to sleep.

Pragya looked at Kiara.

Pragya:Kiara..I know why you are giving excuses to not get married.You are still living in your past.

Kiara became dull.

Pragya:Please forget your past and move on beta.

Kiara:I will try Mumma.But I need some time.

Pragya:You are taking too much of time for it.Once you will get a nice boy who will make you happy.That time you will automatically forget your past.

Kiara gave her a pale smile.



After some days..

Kiara reached her home.She was shocked to see her parents talking to a boy.She could not believe her eyes.

Seeing Kiara,Abhi introduced the boy to Kiara.

Abhi:Kiara…meet Mr.Rishab Gujral.It’s with his company that our company is going to do collaborative work.

Kiara was shocked.

She thought:So Lalit Gujral to him I talked on the phone was Rishab’s father.

Rishab:Hi Kiara!


Abhi:When I was talking to Rishab only I realised that I had met his dad years back during my US trip.

Kiara was surprised.

Rishab:Nice to meet you Kiara.

Rishab extended his hand for a handshake.She held his hand slowly looking at him emotionally.

Pragya noticed Kiara’s facial expression.

Kiara:Nice to meet you too Rishab.

He smiled.

Abhi to Pragya:This boy seems to be really good.After talking to him itself,I am impressed.

Pragya smiled.

Kiara was in her room thinking of meeting Rishab.Pragya went near her.

Pragya:Kiara,your face looked strange and different while interacting with Rishab.Why?

Kiara was embarrassed.She tried to cover it up.

Kiara:Nothing like that mumma.You simply feel like that.

Pragya:Maybe.Anyways come for dinner.

Kiara:Ok mumma.


Before sleeping,Kiara opened her cupboard and took a diary.She went through her diary.


Flash back…

Kiara was walking through her college corridor. She slipped and was about to fall down.Suddenly a boy caught her by her waist.She was relieved.She looked at his face.She was lost in his eyes.He was Rishab.

Rishab made her stand properly.

Rishab:Are you alright?

Kiara:Yes.Thank you.

Rishab:No mention.

He smiled and walked away.A smile appeared on her face.



A girl was getting ragged by the seniors in the college.She started crying.But Rishab came there and protected that girl from them.

Rishab:Are you guys not ashamed to trouble an innocent girl in the name of ragging?If you repeat it,I will complain to the Principal.

Kiara was watching this from far.She was impressed by his protective nature.

Kiara:He is so caring to strangers also.What is his name?

Kiara watched Rishab and his team playing foot ball.Her eyes were fixed on Rishab alone.His friend called him:Rishab!

Kiara smiled hearing his name.

Kiara:Finally I found his name.It’s Rishab.What a lovely name!

Rishab was writing and talking to his friend in the college library.

Kiara was sitting there and observing him deeply.

Kiara was dreaming of romancing Rishab.

(Varadu Kaavalenu).

She blushed.

Kiara:I love Rishab so much…

Kiara took a greeting card and confessed her love to him there in words.

Kiara:I will give this card to Rishab tomorrow to express my love for him.

Kiara looked at her friend Mahek:I am becoming nervous.

Mahek told her:No need to be nervous.It’s good that you have decided to confess your love to Rishab.

Mahek:Very soon I should see you both as a romantic couple.

Kiara blushed.