Explained – unprecedented, not impossible – how a winner-all-play-off between Manchester City and Liverpool could be on the cards to decide the Premier League title. football news

Explained – unprecedented, not impossible – how a winner-all-play-off between Manchester City and Liverpool could be on the cards to decide the Premier League title.  football news
New Delhi: English Premier LeaguePopularly known as the Premier League, arguably the most watched soccer leagues in the world with live broadcasts in 188 countries; And it is currently one of the most fiercely contested seasons with the defending champions Manchester City And liverpool vying for the title.
Currently (as on 12 May) Man City are at the top of the standings three points ahead of their title contenders Liverpool. Man City currently have 89 points, and will retain the title if they get four more points from their last two league games.
But a unique scenario could unfold if Liverpool win their next two games and Man City manage to score just three points in their last two matches. Then both teams will be equal (on 92 points), and if both teams are matched equally on some other criterion, then for the first time in Premier League history, we will see a decisive play-off 39th match between the two . A neutral-placed side – a 39th game to determine the champion for the two teams in the league England,

here is one lecturer By TimesofIndia.com How the play-offs will work and the prerequisites for the play-offs after the regular league season is over:
premier league format
The Premier League is England’s top-tier football league and consists of 20 teams competing, playing each other in home and away matches, with a total of 380 matches played between August and May of the following year.
Three points are awarded to the winners of each game, with a draw giving the team one point, with none for a loss. The team with the most points at the end of the season wins the coveted Premier League title.
Additionally, teams that finish in the bottom three of the league table at the end of the season are relegated to the Championship, which is England’s second-tier league. Those teams are replaced by the three teams promoted from the championship – the top-two sides of the second tier league and the third through the playoffs at the end of the season.

European Football: Teams that finish in the top four of the Premier League qualify for the next season’s UEFA Champions League group stages. Fifth place in the Premier League moves a team to the UEFA Europa League group stage, but the next best team that does not qualify for Europe will also enter the competition if the winners of the FA Cup and/or League Cup qualify through it. Obtain their individual league status.
What happens when two teams finish on the same number of points?
Premier League rules state that a play-off will be used to determine the champion of the league if two sides score points, goal difference, goals scored and the result of a face-off between them.
“If two or more clubs finish level in the table when competing for a title or European qualification, or when relegation is at stake, their records in one-on-one matches can no longer be used to separate them. As in previous seasons, teams involved in these specific battles that finished with the same number of points, goal difference and number of goals scored would be pitted against each other in the play-offs. But that extra match is now less. Only if clubs remain level in the table will it be followed by a play-off at a neutral ground, the format, timing and venue of which will be determined by the Premier League Board,” the Premier League said in a statement in 2020. said.

(Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp – AP Photo)
So, what’s happening this season?
Defending champions Manchester City and an unprecedented quadruple title chase are taking the EPL title race to the wire. Man City are currently (as on 12 May) leading the race to three points, with only two games left to play for both competing teams, so the chances of a 39th game play-off to decide the champion are slim. But strange things go hand in hand with the game.
The box has already been ticked for one of the four criteria required for a play-off to materialize – face-to-face results in a season are all level, when both games at Anfield and the Etihad are 2-of-a-kind. ends with the same score. 2.
Six points for Liverpool and three points for Man City in the last two league games per team would level the points at 92 each.
Man City lead 7 on goal difference and have scored 5 goals more than Liverpool at the moment. But this number may change at the end of the last two league matches. The probability of both criteria being equally matched is not far-fetched; For example, if Man City won their last two matches 2–0 and lost 0–2, Liverpool would get 7 out of their two matches (4–0, 3–0 or 5–0, 2–0 etc.). Requires a result of -0. ,


(Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola – Reuters Photo)
When and where can play-off matches be played?
If a play-off between the two teams is required to determine the winner, both Man City and Liverpool require at least 48 hours between the final league game of the season and the deciding play-off game. This means that the earliest possible date would be Wednesday, May 25 at a neutral location.
Keep in mind that this could potentially disrupt Liverpool’s preparations for the big UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid in Paris on 29 May.
present situation
Man City will have a chance to extend their lead over Liverpool to six points this weekend as they take on West Ham on Sunday. Liverpool play the FA Cup final against Chelsea on Saturday and will play their next EPL match against Southampton on 18 May. Man City and Liverpool host Aston Villa and Wolves respectively on the final day of the season (22 May).