Barrister Babu New Era Episode-6:- Roy Chaudhary’s welcome Thakumaa and Sumati.

Barrister Babu New Era Episode-6:- Roy Chaudhary’s welcome Thakumaa and Sumati.

The episode starts with villagers leaving the Roy Choudhary Haveli after hearing Trilochan’s words.

Trilochan comes to Tapur and joins his hands before her.  He says in a very emotional voice,  “Tapur beta, please forgive me.  I considered you wrong.  It was Batuk’s mistake, but I thought it was your fault.  It’s very good that Bondita bahu told me everything today.  Please forgive me beta.”

Tapur’s eyes get filled with tears.  She says, “No Kaka. Please don’t make me feel ashamed.”  Saying this, she touches Trilochan’s feet.  Trilochan blesses her.

Sampoorna says, “Arreyyy, I had completely forgotten that Sumati pishi and Thakuma are arriving today!  We have to do so many arrangements for their welcome.  I have a lot of work. I’m going now.”  Sampoorna leaves.

Trilochan says, “I also have some work of Jamindaari. I have to go.”  He leaves while pushing his walking stick against the floor in a happy mood.


Breaking the silence of the Roy Choudhary Haveli, there comes a loud voice of a baby’s cry.  Anirudh and Bondita run to their room in a hurry.

In Anidita’s room –

The little twins are crying loudly.  Anirudh and Bondita lift the babies.  But as soon as the kids see their parents, they start smiling.  Anirudh and Bondita also smile seeing the happiness of their babies.

Bondita says to the kid, “I’m sorry my baccha, I won’t leave you alone again.”  And she kisses the baby.  Anirudh is also cuddling the second baby.

Anirudh says to Bondita, “Bondita, the way you ignited the spark of bravery inside Tapur, and the way it spread like forest fire;  I just loved it!!  I always wanted to see the strong and brave version of Tapur. You fulfilled my dream. I can’t express my happiness today!  I’m soooooo happy..😃😃  You did a splendid job Bondita.  Keep spreading this fire among other girls as well.  I’m really very proud to get a wife, sakhi, shikshak and rakshak like Barrister Babu Bondita.  Bravo Bondita!!!  I’m proud of you.”

Bondita makes a sad face and says, “Pati babu, is this a way to appreciate Bondita???”   Anirudh gets confused.

Bondita keeps the baby (which is in her arms), on the bed and she folds her hands. Then she makes a cute puffed face.


Anirudh laughs  seeing her puffed face.  He goes near her and pats on her back.  He says, “Shabash Bondita!  I’m proud of you!!”  Bondita smiles.

Bondita starts leaving, but Anirudh stops her by holding her hand.  Anirudh says, “Bravo Bondita!!!”  Bondita gives a huge smile at this.  Anirudh also smiles. RTM plays.  (Tujhme roshan hoga suraj toh…)

Meanwhile in the hall –

Somnath and Tapur are left alone.  Tapur says to Somnath, “I want to tell you something.”



Somnath says, “Yes, yes, please tell”.



Tapur says, “Nooo, nothing.”



Somnath turns to leave.


But Tapur says, “Suniye!(Listen)”


Somnath stops and asks her, “What happened?”

Tapur says, “I want to thank you. Thank you thank you soo sooooo sooooooooo much for saving my self-esteem.”

Somnath says, “No need to thank me Tapur.  I only performed my duty.  Now, I’ve understood that a woman’s self-respect is the most important thing in this world.”

Tapur smiles and turns to leave.

But Somnath says, “Please wait.”

Tapur turns back. She asks him, “Yes, did you say anything?”

Somnath looks down and says, “Not yet, but I want to say something.”

Tapur says, “Please tell.”

Somnath scratches his head and says, “No, noo, nothing.”

Tapur starts leaving but Somnath stops her saying, “Please listen..”

Somnath gets very emotional and says to Tapur, “Please, please, please forgive me Tapur. I considered you wrong. I did very wrong with you. I thought that you deceived us. I know I’ve done such a huge mistake which can’t be forgiven. So, you can give me any punishment for wrongly accusing you.  I’m ready to accept any punishment for my grave mistake.”

Tapur also gets teary eyes seeing Somnath.  She says, “Please please please don’t make me low in front of you.  In fact, I should ask forgiveness from you.  Please forgive me for….”

Before Tapur could complete her sentence, Somnath interrupts, “Please don’t make me feel ashamed. It was my fault. I should ask forgiveness.”

Tapur also confesses her mistake saying, “No no.. It was my fault only. I should ask for forgiveness.”

Both Somnath and Tapur start arguing by confessing their mistakes.

All of a sudden, a voice says, “Areyy Somnath and Tapur, please don’t argue like this.  It wasn’t anyone’s fault.  It was just a misunderstanding which is cleared now.”

Somnath and Tapur turn back to see Tupur standing there.  Tupur says, “Yes, you won’t get anything by arguing like this.  Please stop it.”

Somnath says, “Ohh noooo!!  I had an appointment today.  I’ll get late.  I’m going.  Thank you Tupur Boudi for coming here.”  And Somnath leaves.

Tupur turns to Tapur and says, “Tapur, don’t you remember that Sumati Kaki and Thakuma are arriving today??  Please help me in doing the preparations.”   Tapur nods and goes with Tupur.

Bihari, his wife Kalyani and other workers are decorating the Roy Choudhary Haveli.  Bondita is instructing them.

Now, the Roy Choudhary Haveli is ready for the welcome of Sumati and Thakuma. It’s looking like a heaven after the decoration.

Thakuma and Sumati arrive in the Haveli.  Sampoorna does their Aarti and welcomes them.

Trilochan gets emotional on seeing Thakuma and says, “Kallindi ji, I really missed you soooo much.  Your Khatti-Meethi Baatein (Sour-Sweet Talks),  your conversation in rhymes, everything…”

Everyone chuckles at this.

Thakuma smiles and says, “I too missed you a lotttt Samdhi ji.”

Trilochan asks, “How’re you Thakuma??”

Thakuma replies, “I’m good Kaka.”

Trilochan frowns his forehead and says, “I’m not your Kaka.  I’ve told you before also. Please don’t call me Kaka.”

Thakuma says, “And you can call me anything, right?  Huhhhh…  Am I your Thakuma??  If you’ll call me Thakuma, then I’ll also call you Kaka.”

Trilochan says, “Ok, okay, Kallindi ji, I’ll call you Beyan.  Is it fine now?”

Thakuma laughs and says, “Yes Samdhi ji, completely fine.”

Bondita runs to Sumati and hugs her tightly.  Bondita says, “Ma, I really missed you endlessly.  How’re you Ma??”  Sumati says, “I’m fine beta. I also missed you all.”

Anirudh, Tapur, Tupur, Bondita and Sampoorna take the blessings  of Thakuma and Sumati.

Thakuma says, “Arreyyyy, will anyone show me my great-grandson and great-granddaughter???”  Bondita says, “Sure Thakuma, they’re in our room.”

Bondita takes Sumati and Thakuma to Anidita’s room.  Two very cute babies are lying on the bed.  They’re looking like Angels.  Thakuma and Sumati lift the little babies in their arms.  But unfortunately, the munchkins don’t recognise their grandmother and great-grandmother.  Babies start crying. Then, Bondita has to cuddle them.  After getting the love of their mum, the angelic babies become happy.

It’s dinner time.  Everyone is sitting at the dining table.  Bondita and Sampoorna are serving food.

Suddenly, Trilochan’s sight goes on the plate of vegetable.  He gets angry and says, “Bihariiiii… Why have you put so many chillies in the Sabji??”  And Trilochan’s face becomes red like chilli.

Bihari scratches his head in confusion and asks, “Why Malik?  You like Sabji with lot of chillies, that’s why I’ve put sooo many chillies in the Sabji.”

Trilochan shouts to Bihari, “Don’t you have any sense??  I had told you na, that Thakuma doesn’t eat Sabji with a lot of chillies.  She can’t digest the chillies.  She’ll get vomiting.”

Bihari gets more confused.  But he doesn’t dare to ask anything to Chilli-like Trilochan.  He thinks, “When did Bade-Malik told me about this??”

Meanwhile, everyone(including Thakuma) gets shocked by seeing Trilochan’s great memory power.

Thakuma says, “Arreyyy Kaka, you didn’t forget anything about me!!”

Trilochan realises that he called her Thakuma.

Trilochan smirks and says, “You never let me forget anything Kallindi ji.”

Thakuma smiles.

Sampoorna says, “Will you all keep talking only??  Please have some food.”

Trilochan says, “This Bihari doesn’t understand anything. How will Kallindi ji eat the food without Sabji???

Bondita naughtily says, “Kakasasurji, your Bondita bahu knows everything about everyone.  That’s why, I’ve already prepared another Sabji without chillies only for Thakuma.”   Saying this, Bondita serves the Sabji(without chillies) to Thakuma.

Trilochan gets happy and says, “Wahhh Bondita bahu, you’re really very smart!   You did a great job today.  You saved my self-respect.”

Anirudh curiously asks, “Kaka, how Bondita saved your self-respect???”  Trilochan says, “Arey Anirudh, if Kallindi ji would have eaten Roy Choudhary’s food without Sabji, then my self-respect would’ve gone.  But my Bondita bahu saved it.”

Anirudh says, “Oh ok Kaka.”

Before anyone could say anything more, Thakuma says, “Now, no more discussions.   Bekaar ki baat aur Thandi bhaat, dono hi sehat ke liye haanikarak hain. (Useless talks and Cold rice, both are injurious to health.)   So, before the rice gets cold, please start eating.”

All start eating.  Everyone enjoys the delicious food.

The moon is shining brightly at the window of Anidita’s room.

In Anidita’s room –

Anirudh and Bondita are lying at both the corners of the bed with their twins in the middle of the bed.  The babies are fast asleep.  But, Anidita are still awake.   There’s not even a single sign of sleep in Anidita’s eyes.

Anirudh and Bondita are looking at each other.  Bondita slowly says, “Pati babu, I’m not at all feeling sleepy.”   Anirudh says, “Bondita, even I’m not getting sleep.”

An idea strikes Bondita’s mind and she gets up from the bed🛏.

Bondita excitedly says, “Perfect!!  Pati babu, please come with me.”   Anirudh confusingly asks, “But where Bondita??”

Bondita : You just come na Pati babu.

Bondita takes Anirudh to the terrace which is attached with Anidita’s room (so that they can keep an eye on their babies).   Anirudh asks her, “Bondita, why have you brought me here?  And why you came here??”

Bondita :  “Hmmmmmm…  Pati babu, this is a logical question.”

Anirudh :  “Then, please give me it’s logical answer Bondita..”

Bondita laughs and says, “Pati babu, there’s no logical answer for this question.”

Anirudh asks, “Means?”

Bondita puts both her hands on her waist and says, “Pati babu, now you’ll have to do something amusing for your Bondita.  Because your Bondita is very bored.”

Poor Anirudh got into the trap of cunning and smart Bondita..

Anirudh :  “What should I do Bondita?”

Bondita :  “Thaaattt I don’t know.   Do anything to amuse your Bondita.”

Anirudh thinks for a while and says, “Okay, let me do some shayari in your taarif(appreciation).”

Anirudh is about to start when Bondita interrupts, “No no Pati babu.. Not like this.”  She takes him to the swing decorated with flowers.  Both of them sit on the swing and Bondita rests her head on Anirudh’s shoulder.  Bondita says, “Now you can start Pati babu.”


Anirudh does Shayari for Bondita :-

“Pata hai hume pyaar karna nahi aata,          Magar jitna bhi kiya hai sirf tumse kiya hai.”

(I know that I don’t know how to love,           But how much I’ve loved, I’ve loved you only.)

“Main aur tum ek dil ek jaan hain;                Bhale hi do pal ke mehmaan kyun na hon, Magar ek dusre ki jaan hain.”

(I and you are one heart one soul;                Although we are guests of two seconds [Means we have a very short life],                Still we are one another’s life.)

“Uss chaand ko bahut guroor hai ki uske paas noor hai,                                                      Ab main usko kaise samjhaun ki mere paas kohinoor hai!!”

(That moon has a lot of pride that it has light,  But how do I explain him that I have Kohinoor diamond!!)

“Tum meri neend ho toh main tumhari subah,                                                                   Tum mere haathon ki lakeer ho toh main tumhari kismat,                                                Ab tum or main kya?                                              Main hi tum hun, Tum hi main hun;            Main aur Tum Hum hain..”

(You’re my sleep then I’m your morning.  You’re the lines of my palm then I’m your destiny.  Now what’s this You and Me??           I am you, You are me.  I and You are We.)

Then, Anirudh and Bondita start dancing.   Raatan Lambiyaan song plays…



All of a sudden, a voice rings in Anidita’s ears.  Someone says, “What’s going on here at this hour of night?  Haannnn????”

The episode ends. 

Update Credit: Khushi(a)Barbie.


Binoy is throwing everything here and there. Thakuma says, “I think I can treat him with my Ayurvedic medicines.”  Some villagers are talking about killing Tapur.

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